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how to sew double fold bias tape together

You can make your own binding by cutting diagonal strips and sewing them together to create the strip length you need. The Single-Fold Method. I save the little cardboards from my store bought bias tape and wrap the handmade tape on them. Fold your binding in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press to create your double fold binding. It is important to make sure that you do not stretch the bias binding strips when pressing the folds in, as this will act to reduce the width of the tape. ... To sew the strips of bias together line up the corners of the strips with right sides together… Double fold bias tape is when the fabric is folded three times to create binding, and all the raw edges are enclosed. Sew the ends together, trim and press the seam flat. Jun 22, 2013 - Great tutorial on how to attach double fold bias tape with mitered corner. When you’ve pinned back around to the end, open the bias tape and pin ends right sides together. Again, you want the tape to lie flat but you still want to see where your fold used to be. To cut the fabric into strips, I always use this method. Alternate Method: When you are using purchased double-fold bias tape, you will notice that one edge is not as wide as the other. The video tutorial is about 8 minutes because it includes everything about sewing on double-fold bias tape from start to finish. There are two types of bias tape: Single fold, used most often for bias facing, and double fold, used mostly for bias binding. First fold the bias strip by the middle, but not by the middle – I mean so that one side is 7/8 inch, ie slightly wider on one side. How to cut strips of bias binding. A bias tape maker is an essential tool for creating precise bias tape. To sew a double folded bias tape you have to open the tape first and pin the raw edge of the tape and the fabric with the right sides together.The easiest way to sew bias tape. Repeat Step 4 until all your binding strips are sewn together. Jun 22, 2013 - Great tutorial on how to attach double fold bias tape with mitered corner. Sew from the wrong side at 1/4″ so you can sew directly on top of your stay stitching. You can also buy a wider bias tape as Blanket Binding or quilt binding. There are two types of bias binding. Here is an example of how to sew double-fold bias tape to encase an armhole on a vintage pillow case dress: Open up your double-fold bias tape. How To Sew Double Fold Bias Tape On A Quilt. 1. If you want to make double-fold bias binding, you would have two folds with each fold being at one-quarter of the width. Summary. This is because it can be folded over the edge of a sewing project and sewn in place so the tape can be seen from both sides. Single fold bias tape has the edges folded once, double fold has the edges folded twice. Fold and press edges toward center of bias strip. Next fold the bias tape in half to cover the raw edges. Pin in place along the neckline. As a person who likes to make all the things in the more efficient way possible, this is my favorite technique.A high end finishes for bias tape. 3. Back stitch at the beginning and end of the seam. To sew together two parts of bias tapes you need know some features. This tool comes in various sizes, but the 18mm (3/4”) or 25mm (1”) size works well for double fold bias tape. 1. Bias facing is a finish in which bias tape is sewn onto the raw edge, then folded over to the wrong side (so that it's invisible from the outside) and sewn in place. The sandwich method. Sometimes I sew bias tape the proper way….and sometimes I … DIY And Crafts. Along with finishing quilts, bias binding is excellent in apparel sewing, bag-making, and for any other seam-finishing. For me, this method for joining bias binding ends works just as great for joining two different pieces of bias too. Again, it gets sewn on one side, folded to the other and topstitched but the technique a bit trickier so if you’re a beginner I suggest you get started with the single-fold before moving on to the double one. It usually measures 1/4 inches (but a wider one can measure 1/2 inch). Well, double fold tape can be used to bind raw edges. Press the seam up and away from the neckline. Sew across the binding to join the two ends. If you’re using a store-bought double-fold bias tape, place the wider half on the bottom of the fabric, toward the feed dogs, to make sure you’re catching the underside while stitching on top. Bias tape comes in single fold and double fold as well as in a variety of widths. Fold the edges 1/4 inches to the inside. 5. In this bias tape binding tutorial you will learn an easy way how to cut bias strips and to join both ends of strips together. To sew this binding, open the bias tape, keep the shorter edge of the bias tape along the neckline, right sides together. The PROPER way to sew on Bias Tape. Stitch in the fold line of the bias tape. Step 5. This is useful for decorative features to your sewing projects. A little Wash Away Wonder Tape or washable glue stick will be a great help in holding your double fold bias tape in place while you stitch. ... To make DOUBLE FOLD BIAS TAPE, simply fold it in half again and press. How to sew double fold bias tape; ... As with joining bias tape ends, sewing two pieces of bias tape together is a matter of preference, everyone has a favorite method. How to Sew Double Fold Bias Tape. Start with double-fold bias tape, edgestitch along the open side, and cut into strips based on the size of the buttons. Explore. For easy sewing use your blind hem foot and run the guide along the edge of the bias tape. Single-fold bias tape is bias tape with each raw edge folded in toward the center, wrong sides together, and pressed. On the other hand, the double-fold bias binding shows on both sides of an edge. First sew the narrower side of your double fold bias tape to the right side of the fabric (right sides together), 2. Clip off the little tags.

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