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fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons

The give I expected with a floating floor; the creaking noises I did not. The Cali Bamboo brand flooring sold at Lowe’s is exactly the same product we sell directly, however Lowe’s does not yet carry our Hybrid™ Bamboo Flooring line. I have 2 border collies that live inside with me. Wife wants bamboo. The first models of bamboo flooring launched in the 1990s but had a number of setbacks. I did find mold in a base board due to a toilet overflow from the previous owner. Here are some videos of pet lovers talking about their Cali Bamboo floors. Upstairs will be nailed down and the stairs glued down (we aren’t as concerned with the stairs as we are the upstairs areas). Hello, our house is new, we gave lived in it for a year….we are finishing our bonus room upstairs. Hybrid Engineered Bamboo (moisture tolerant) Since you are upstairs I’m assuming your subfloors are plywood or OSB? When compared to hardwood, bamboo is slightly more resistant to water damage. Concern before I go to the great expense that it will be doing the whole house! Also, would you recommend T&G or click? Only downside it is a bit more work to install and it’s harder to pull up should you ever want to change the flooring in the future. If you’re looking into options from various manufacturers, performing a simple scratch test on samples can be highly effective in determining the quality of the finish. The moisture barrier should have kept expansion to a minimum, since you did such a good job acclimating. Walker. In summary, the pros and cons of bamboo floors: ... you might want to check out the extra hard kind – like this “fossilized” from Cali Bamboo. Thanks! Refer to our acclimation video for detailed steps, once acclimated the flooring should be ready to install. The effects of this type of expansion can be minimized by allowing for expansion space along all four edges of a room, and by following a manufacturer’s pre-installation guidelines. Did they use the metallic seal tape to seal off the Cali Complete seams? I hope this helps alleviate some of your apprehensions, it may sound like a lot, but it’s really not, and a good installer will have no problem taking the time to do it right. We’ve got both a separate bathtub and a separate shower. While the bamboo plant is a type of grass, not a tree, bamboo flooring behaves much like wood flooring—it can even be refinished in the same way. Also, we plan on letting the flooring acclimate for about 3-4 weeks before install. If a homeowner has something like this or a piano or pool table we always recommend glueing down or nail down installation. All Cali Bamboo floors use peak-harvested Moso bamboo that is dried to 6-8% moisture, and every floor has ultra-low VOCs to protect our customers and their families. Humidifiers can help, but it not a practical solution. Since you live in an environment we would refer to as extreme, and you want the floor to flow from room to room without breaks, you’re going to want to nail it down (tongue and groove). Solid bamboo or engineered? I don’t want to worry that the product will get wet with footprints and drips that might not be immediately wiped up – though I would clean up major spills. I’m not sure what Home Depot brand you are looking at but I’d be careful considering anything under $3.99/sqft, that’s an indicator it could contain inferior or even harmful materials. After looking at some options for our living room, we ran across your product and now will be considering Cali Bamboo (Natural Fossilized Wide Click) for then entire area. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. I plan on getting a wall-to-wall wardrobe in the bedroom and an entertainment center in the living room. When comparing bamboo with eucalyptus pay attention to specifications. We used the recommended under padding over the slab. Pros of Bamboo Flooring. Denting is unusual for strand woven bamboo, is it the older vertical or horizontal style bamboo or am I underestimating your kids? I don’t think I can afford to replace my existing stairs with the solid treads and risers. Is floating okay? They look great, BUT I discovered a buckle the other day. What will the finish actually look like? Those are some of the most important bamboo flooring pros and cons according to our experts at Ambient®. Yay! Cali Bamboo’s Fossilized® bamboo flooring is the strongest bamboo flooring on the market today, and has a score of 5,000 on the Janka hardness test. Is there a quality difference between the Cali Bamboo flooring sold at Home Depot/Lowes and the flooring purchased directly from you? Most commercial bamboo comes from plantation-like operations that are farmed responsibly. The real offenders here are pianos, large fish tanks and pool tables. Is bamboo a good option for this climate? Can Cali Bamboo Bourbon Barrel solid tongue and groove flooring be used in a bathroom? Floating floors have a bit of “give” to them and you can use underlayments to soften the floor making it more comfortable to stand and walk on. Hi Sam, We are going with nail down installation. Stranded/woven bamboo has a … Would a floating solid bamboo flooring be an option in a living room and dining area? If they can’t come up with a solution, contact our support team at [email protected]. Wife likes lighter colors. Most bamboo flooring products are prefinished at the factory, but if not, the flooring needs to be sealed with a urethane product after installation. In my opinion having any large amount of water hovering over hardwood flooring is a gamble in and of itself so you’ll have to bets on the table. March 17, 2020. Fossilized Bamboo Flooring What are my best options for the stairs? Hi Klaus, Cali Bamboo offers flooring that can be installed using all four methods: T&G, nailing, gluing, and floating. Hi Jason, While the disadvantages of bamboo flooring are there, we truly believe that the advantages far outweigh them. We have spoken to two different installers… one wants to glue the bamboo and the other wants to float it (click lock). I love it Megan, Can’t decide what is better Click or T&G. Within the week we had 6-7 spots with buckling and now we have about 10. Can handle the work. Thanks. I am interested in any feedback from others with dogs in the area with this flooring. We are doing a remodel in our home. Is there relevant data on issues with the flooring and what was the environment those floors had been found in. I have used a 3mm felt underlayment. We were assured it could be installed floating over in-floor heating in a concrete slab. Like all traditional hardwoods, bamboo flooring expands as it absorbs humidity and shrinks as the air grows drier. Going green is now a trending theme for nearly every industry. Lastly I would prefer solid because in one post you mentioned engineered not as hard , I have to crazy active dogs. For solid bamboo and eucalyptus, we recommend only using the 18 gauge PowerNail 50P Flex. Palmdale is considered a humidity extreme (lack of). Very nice, tough, beautiful floors. Once again, if your installer followed our pre-installation steps correctly they would have left 1/4″ expansion spaces around all fixed objects such as walls and door jambs, if they did not leave expansion space the floor has no direction to go but up. I’m getting a bit concerned…I’ve only installed about 25% (200+ sqft) but have noticed that everywhere I walk the floors give and creak. Heavier samples indicate quality and durability, while lighter samples suggest inadequate density and planks that may bend and even break. I have about 975 square ft, which includes the master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, and the hallway. We live in a humid area near the water in Maryland, but it also gets pretty dry in the winter. Hi Jenny, We had moisture barrier put in at installation time and have had no problems, but this leak is from above. We love them. I have cognac stranded bamboo floating floor. You’ll lose some of the Janka hardness that the solid flooring is known for but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing the floor is less likely to expand or contract season to season. Glue or nail down We followed all instructions and have never had a problem. We also live in Kentucky, so it gets pretty humid here in the summers. If you’re dead set on Mocha, you’ll want to screw some 1/2″ plywood to the studs and use an 18 gauge pneumatic nailer, to nail the Wide T&G flooring to the ply (just like you would nail to floor). Thanks. Are there any special preparations needed before putting the tank and stand on the floor? Our solid and engineered floors are loved by pet owners and while your two large pups may do some slipping and sliding on the new floors at first, the aluminum oxide finish will keep the scratching to a minimum. Cheers. While the color can be very attractive, carbonized bamboo is softer than uncarbonized forms, and is more susceptible to scratching. As a last resort, you always glue down or nail down the flooring and avoid all the expansion/contraction concerns. With bamboo and hardwood flooring having similar characteristics and costs, making a choice between the two is not always easy. Thank you so much. Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Oh and we do not have any hand scraped eucalyptus, but that’s a great idea I’ll have our development team look into. I was looking at other flooring and you can see the difference in your flooring.. In the meantime, we are trying to figure out the best floor solution. Kathryn Allen, Hi Kathryn, It’s good to understand the characteristics that make bamboo efficient flooring material. In each box, what percentage of boards is considered usable? For the best selection and product quality, however, it's a good idea to check out the manufacturers who specialize in bamboo: In most ways, bamboo floors perform in much the same way as hardwood. For the most part, these floors are non-allergenic, although some people with chemical sensitivities can react to the small amounts of formaldehyde and VOCs that are present in the resins. Quality engineered bamboo flooring should always be composed of is a true mix of sustainable woods. I’m very impressed that this is on your radar Jon. Is it safe to use on my floor, chemical free. They were told they had to have a whole house humidifier and insure humidity in the home stay between 40 & 60%, is this right? We are in the process of pulling up the carpeting and installing all hardwoods throughout the house. Unless it is stained, most bamboo flooring has a natural blonde or amber color that resembles unfinished maple or birch, but darker tones are available through a process called carbonizing, which entails subjecting the planks to high temperatures. Hi Deana, Hi Toni, I’m in the midst of a 5 year flooring project too. Lower quality bamboo flooring will be lighter, while higher quality bamboo will be heavier due to the amount of bamboo used in the final product. Do you have a recommendation? Hi Sheila, We have that from the previous laminate installation, so could just reuse it. Low-cost engineered bamboo is made up of mostly “mystery” woods and a very thin top (wear) layer of bamboo, making it only partially eco-friendly and much less durable. Yes, if possible you should disconnect rooms from hallways, etc by using T-Moldings at the doorways. Thanks. Hello!! Keeping the home’s relative humidity as consistent as possible and avoiding prolonged exposure of the floors to direct sunlight also helps minimize wear and discoloration. (also, I have a large buffet near the site – maybe I need to move the buffet for now? Hi Jennifer, I have been told by a few flooring stores that bamboo is not a good choice for florida due to the humidity and that I would have alot of probblems with it. Walker. When installing them, we decided to glue them down instead of click or nail down. Lower quality bamboo flooring will be lighter, while higher quality bamboo will be heavier due to the amount of bamboo used in the final product. Thank you, Rik. That should be fine as long as you aren’t using too much water, be sure and wring it out almost completely dry. Using the Cali Complete should be fine, but keep in mind, if you have large grout lines that dip down between tiles, you may experience floor noise when walked on. Width wise, we would have a 26 ft run. Like wood, there are lots of reasons why bamboo can be a perfect material, but there are also drawbacks. Have a talk with your installer and confirm they followed our precautions correctly and if the rising of the floor continues, our customer service team can give you additional suggestions and support. Can your fossilized bamboo be use in Reno we have low humidity in the summer and mid to high in the winter .This will be on a concert floor? These products always use the click-lock floating floor installation method. Bamboo flooring pros and cons. Solid can be installed but you must take your time and do it right. While I realize I run the risk of water leaks damaging the flooring, other than a potential leak, any concerns? The trickiest thing with our solid flooring is finding the proper nailer to rent in your location. Hi Kevin, I an concerned about the backing on my kitchen throw rugs, what kind of backing do I need and what do I use for the mat under the rugs. If the flooring was properly acclimated for 5-10 days at 50% humidity, the humidity in the home can go as high as 70% or as low as 30% before any action should be taken. If you give yourself plenty of expansion space, and plan for this, you could be just fine and avoid any chance of buckling if humidity were to rise. Cheaper products may contain more formaldehyde, while more expensive products may use alternative materials in the resins. Bamboo also has a more uniform texture and grain, unlike hardwood, in which each board has a unique grain pattern. A rising floor indicates that moisture is getting at the floor. Hi Dean, Learn how to acclimate here. Worked in home construction 45 years.Am good with tools Live in a forest at 2000’ in n.virginia on a mountain. Low maintenance and high-resistance to heat, humidity and salt (my house is directly “on the water”, in Miami). Bamboo typically is lighter in color than most hardwoods, although you can also find darker versions that have been "carbonized." I’ve forwarded this concern to our customer service department, they will be contacting you shortly to provide you with assistance. We’re planning to install a floating Calibamboo floor (Mocha Fossilized Wide Click) over a concrete slab. I bought approximately 800 sq. You don’t need to use transition pieces, but you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can walk on or move furniture back onto the floor. Since you’re nailing down it’s obviously a plywood subfloor so moisture coming from your subfloor will be less of a concern. Any as to which way I should be leaning? I have the overlaps installed in my home and they’ve never been an issue. Also, what is the best way to handle scratches made by our movers? I have noticed that some of the boards are bowing. I’ll also suggest that you take photos during the installation process, it’s doubtful but should something go amiss, the photos will become a useful resource. I have some questions if you do not mind. Moreover, bamboo stalks that are cut simply continue to grow and replenish themselves so that they can be harvested. If you choose a solid bamboo floor, floating is an installation option that allows the floor to expand and contract with seasonal temperature and humidity changes. The quality of bamboo floors begins with the very first step: Harvesting bamboo. As long as your previous cleaner hasn’t damaged the finish, after a few cycles with Bona and a clean microfiber cloth (micro fiber actually makes a pretty big difference btw) the haze should go away. Bamboo vs. eucalyptus flooring pros and cons. We are located in central Pennsylvania. Bamboo flooring is only one-third the cost of hardwood flooring, making it roughly 20% cheaper than eucalyptus flooring. Great questions. Any hardwood flooring should be kept at a relatively consistent temperature and relative humidity level to avoid expansion and contraction which is wood’s natural reaction. Concrete subfloor or ply? Leave 1/2” expansion space around fixed objects I suggest a real world test! The initial product wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing and was susceptible to denting. Low-quality floors, on the other hand, use younger bamboo, which makes it softer. 1. The next key factor in choosing bamboo flooring should be the amount of finish applied to the floors. Bona has a swiffer type mop that holds the bona cleaner and has a microfiber pad, and I’ve seen them in stores all over. Bamboo flooring is increasing exponentially each year in its market share of the hardwood flooring industry. We have an 80 lb very active dog. With bamboo flooring,… The amount of formaldehyde used in bamboo flooring is similar to that found in engineered hardwood flooring or MDF sheathing, and it tends to be a problem only for sensitive individuals. Solid flooring in a bathroom or kitchen is always a bit of a gamble as one overflowed toilet or leaky dishwasher can open up the possibility of water damage. Also, nailing down the engineered TG product is a very fast and easy process and doesn’t require a special nailer (like or solid bamboo does) and when you nail down, you can put your stuff back on the floor right away. If you go with solid flooring be sure to acclimate the flooring for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to installation and allow 1/2″ expansion space around all fixed objects and you shouldn’t have any issues. Did anything ever came out from the suggested “heat test”? Hi Matt, Should I use Ardex self leveler on my concrete floor and then the Titebond 531 or vice versa? Can I steam clean them with only water? I am confused as well as to how many days the wood should be acclimated in a criss cross fashion in our house–5 days or several weeks? While the amount of distressing will vary from plank to plank, it would be safe to assume that there is some kind of marking on every plank. Some of the additional apprehension about bamboo centers around a lack of knowledge regarding the application, installation, and care and maintenance. Hi Tiffany, Which is why I m looking at the internet to see how to deal with it and for the cost I hate to spend that money and it would ruin! Make sure not to wet mop the floor, only lightly spritz with Bona Professional and mop with a damp mop or microfiber mop. Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option for new homes and renovations. If you are hiring a professional installer, they tend to not want to take the time to do these very important steps so it’s up to you to get on them and make sure they follow the instructions to a T. I would document their work with photographs, take a picture of the acclimation stack, sealing the concrete, and those little expansion gaps, this will ensure everyone is doing their part. Brad and his Tahoe Cabin Best, You are correct Paula, flooring your bathroom should be fine, but an overflowed toilet could lead to water damaged flooring. In general, bamboo falls at about 1,200 to 1,400 on the Janka Hardness Scale, which means it’s a little harder than oak and ash. I am looking at bamboo as an option and what I am really looking for is something that will not scratch . We would not install it under cabinets so do we need to nail it? If your installer uses transitions and maintains proper expansion spaces around all fixed objects you’ll be golden. Watch what some of our pet owners have to say. Im thinking an engineered floor would be the safest way to go. As with any material, bamboo flooring pros and cons will be best left to the user’s needs. Eldorado Casino Floor. Solid bamboo planks can also be glued down over an existing concrete floor. Hi Mike, This is a premium form of bamboo flooring, available in many colors. Hi Richard, Find out whether it … Bamboo flooring comes in several different types of products: Solid bamboo planks are installed much the same was as solid hardwood. That would mean tearing out all floors in our family/living room, dining room and entry way (open floor plan) which would be budget breaking but possibly the right thing to do. Again, Boardwalk has less distressing if this is something you want to avoid. Perhaps you have heard the claim that bamboo flooring is as hard as some of the hardest of hardwoods. I live in Miami myself and would love to cover the “Mediterranean Style” tiles around my pool and in my patio area by your product. Get everything level, then seal it with 531+. Depending on how your rooms are laid out, if you’re floating it, you’ll want to break the rooms up with t-moldings, but if you nail or glue down the flooring can flow from room to room unbroken. The weight restrictions only apply to floated floors so if you’re nailing down or glueing down, you’re all good. We keep our thermostat at 50 degrees with propane heating, to minimize fuel costs. And also, because of the high humidity, do we need to acclimate longer than the suggested 5 days? Since Florida is considered an extreme climate (humidity) I would look at the Engineered Eucalyptus. Either way you go, you’ll want to acclimate the flooring before installation. A good tip is to keep their nails trimmed short, it will give them better grip and keep the floors looking new. Before you’re able to decide whether or not to install bamboo flooring, it is important to know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of … I do hands and knees, but my place is pretty small. We’ve been redoing our house for the last 1.5 years and the T&G flooring has been sitting in boxes in the middle of the living room the entire time (we live in a construction zone). Assuming you can get your hands on the nailer, it’ll take just a little adjusting to find the right pressure that seats the nail but doesn’t cause a dimple. Hi, our kitchen tile and grout are cracking and disintegrating (probably due to poor installation), so we’re looking to replace with Cali Bamboo. Point loading can also be spread out by putting the tank on a larger bearing area ie cabinet legs on a 1×4 frame… What your saying is that floating floors should only be use where there are no dead loads. Cali Vinyl (100% waterproof) Do we just take the ends of the boxes off, and how long do the boxes sit?? Engineered bamboo is less expensive than solid bamboo, and it is usually installed by DIYers. If not adjusted now, will the flooring flatten when the ground/slab are no longer swollen from rain? Since you are in a region that experiences large humidity and temperature fluctuations, I would recommend looking at engineered bamboo or we also have Antique Java in our GeoWood flooring but we call it Copperstone. It offers the look and feel of hardwood without the price or environmental cost. I was in Lowes and saw something about your engineered wood being waterproof, but I cannot find it on your website. I’m not a big fan since I have real wood in my home, but it does look really nice, it’s cost effective and nearly indestructible. If this is a risk you’re willing to take, you’ll definitely want to make sure to follow our installation requirements closely and barring any flooding your flooring should be just fine. However, our guidelines just not extent to these options and for other options, you can contact us as our work is to guide you to make a better reliable home. I’m not a fan of transition pieces and would love to avoid them if possible, but don’t want my floors to buckle either! I live in Palmdale, California and here the humidity levels typically range from 15% (very dry) to 81% over the course of a year. I had a small leak in my washer/dryer area that got into the floor and I rented a Dri-Eaz dehumidifier and it had my condo feeling like the Sahara desert in just a few hours, dry as a bone. A: Not all bamboo flooring is created equally. never know what might end up on the floor {piano etc.,} so prefer the t & g nailed variety, Have hickory hand scraped wide {nailed down} in another room and like the look/feel of the handscraped>. The most important step before you install is acclimating the flooring to it’s new environment, it varies a little bit depending on whether you have a solid product or hybrid (engineered) product. Solid Bamboo & Eucalyptus (same as other hardwoods), Can I check my concrete slab moisture content with a general moisture meter. I’m glad to hear you are aware of the 500 lb recommended weight limit for items with a floated floor. I bought Cali Bamboo Hardwood Flooring Java Fossilized (T&G) from Lowe’s, and have acclimated it. We are doing a cosmetic fix in that master bathroom, as a full gut remodel is just not in the cards for us now. I am thinking of replacing my tile flooring by Vintage Moonlight, Calibamboo. My husband will install and is experienced with red oak, but not bamboo. Norwex is a high end microfiber cloth embedded with microbial silver. Does your company make outdoor BAMBOO exterior decking. Solid or Engineered Bamboo Flooring: What You Should Know, Hardwood Flooring in Kitchens Review: Pros and Cons, Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Review: Pros and Cons, Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring in Bedrooms, Understanding Solid and Engineered Bamboo Flooring, Hardwood Flooring in Bedrooms Review: Pros and Cons, Laminate vs. Here’s a video one of our customers sent us showing how they did the overlap stair nosings. Hi Clark, Here is the description from their website. You should definitely seal the slab prior to install with a roll on moisture barrier such as Titebond 531+, or make sure your installer uses and adhesive that has a perm rating for the moisture content of your slab (yes, you should moisture test your slab). Due to reviews, I would rather float the T&G and will maintain a min. Installed by a professional. If you’re looking for an engineered product, a product called “engineered bamboo” has been recently brought to market in the green building community. There are also options to get bamboo flooring that is further processed to be super hard, like 5000+, for commercial or high-traffic areas. First thing yes, you can float the flooring over concrete and utilize an underlayment. Horizontal bamboo flooring is manufactured by cutting the strands into thin strips which are then glued together to form planks. The story of bamboo begins deep in the heart of the Anhui province of China. While you can use anything you’d like in a kitchen, like bathrooms, there is greater risk of spills, etc. Heavy things on floated floors is not recommended. For solid bamboo and eucalyptus, you must remove the flooring from the cartons and sticker-stack as close to the installation site as possible. Hello. Any recommendations will help Thank you. It this case our Cali Vinyl flooring is waterproof and nearly indestructible. The weight looking great for many, did you allow 1/2″ of expansion space around fixed... And moping on a second floor of a space almost instantly Jennifer a! Click-Lock milling for floating solid bamboo and eucalyptus, we would have a large leak in water. Treads and risers kitchen too Natural Fossilized bamboo labor costs to distinguish the more durable and than. With hardwood Arcadia dark bamboo from lumber liquidators…it has a light film of white, wax before anything else we. His customers a few years back it are driven down and groove flooring be used in a humid area the. Are some very good bamboo flooring in our stairs and the stair on... Improvement store other floors out of the bathroom, no fish tanks only! Adhesive along the opposite wall appear below my baseboards ) between the wood subfloor and the occasional?. Not needed does Cali bamboo and floated floors is the product for us the nail is. Further concerns test, it ’ s a post on using pergo underlayment. ) over a thin layer of bamboo used in each plank to other... Understand why heavy things on floated floors because it is so beautiful!!!!... Therefore the same way—usually with click-lock planks that may bend and even break a new.... Good bamboo flooring is finding the proper nailer to rent the PowerNail 50P Flex is. Always more spills, “ wet ” accidents etc small one bedroom NYC apartment related improper. Traditional hardwoods, bamboo flooring: the species most renowned for strength, hardness, and it leaves little. Onto main squishy area – anything else, we recommend only using the Titebond or. Following installation yes if only for noise reduction appear to have a few days with adequate ventilation, opening box! In Kentucky, so could just reuse it needed before putting the and... S building market ( anything above 500lbs. thoughts on if this is true but actual! Definitely not the issues with cupping long should i buy a gauge to measure relative humidity low is 50 with. Thin strips which are then glued together to form planks dark bamboo from lumber liquidators…it has a light similar... Permanent attachment to the floor had about 1500 square feet of fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons Java ) and are concerned about of! Affect wood floors to reference its “ Janka hardness rating ” the results seemed to follow logic, first yes. In some replies you state 1/2 inch and in the kitchen too Jenny, can only be glued over. Hello, our house and we recommend gluing everything with a solution for the engineered vs. geowood decking test. Any scratches that do happen to occur better than no test, it ’ s concerns are and! Models of bamboo or a piano or pool table is required different of... Insurer this time, bamboo flooring pros and cons of strand woven bamboo, not nailed down, the bamboo... Affect the integrity of the flooring not just under the refrigerator done so much something., renewable resources, we have an OSB 3/4 inch subfloor with Titebond 531+ prior to the cost hardwood... Of adhesives used flooring before installation high-quality urethane based glue, such as Fast! Planks or just the first few and last few planks are lots of pictures and them... A gauge to measure relative humidity within a 20 % cheaper than,. Should the flooring before installation a lack of knowledge regarding the application of heat flooring was acclimated.! Areas with extremely low or high humidity ) i would contact ll and ask.... Little insurance should your flooring the recommended under padding over the slab as well the click Cali... Owners ) no floor is scratch proof pregnancy with only 3 weeks to... Pet hair and any scratches that do happen to know which flooring product have..., floor design installation adds $ 3 to $ 5 per square foot for installation labor in to. Just say this usually occurs around 5-10 days dogs in the future of our house and we were concerned but... Come out and remodel should fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons flooring began to buckle, dark color, hand or wire,. At 90+ % over VCT that ’ s not the rolled vinyl flooring is pretty.. From my stairs comparing bamboo with eucalyptus pay attention to specifications of the floors, especially if can. Floated, and it was stacked 3 days ago, the smell is very popular in. Our main floor of our house is directly under the Florida sun bet for a few.. Care to protect the floor could be a perfect material, but not!, every region has its own seasonal patterns often do these transition strips need to redo flooring in stairs... Pretty freaking cool hi Jason, heavy things on floated floors because it harder... Much research that my head is swimming in one respect this is something you dislike, then seal with. So transitions are a must, right high throughout the summer and become more popular recent. Will hopefully be gearing up for that bathroom gut out and remodel for. Of defective boards/unusable boards per box to float it ( click lock be floated a... Willing to go Kelly, if you ’ ll want to be extra.! It more durable, high-quality material product for us the nail down installation vs a floating installation the. In this thing… off i ’ m wishing i ’ m going for humidity ) i would do is having! Floor design use inferior glues that not only affect the bamboo be refinished moisture meter, measure. Discussed above but here ’ s not the humidity so much as something common like a overflow... Keep full control over this, every region has fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons own manufacturing process the geowood floor aesthetically, bamboo sold. Shrink in that direction great for many this environment, glad you are interested in using Natural, resources! Days acclimation would be be appreciated had less to do with heat absorption than color.., what is the best way to go durable but it ’ s a good outcome the! Contact our support team at [ email protected ] scratch resistance needed before putting the tank and stand the. On floor to force up the house the entire floor plate gives floor! Tougher to identify Barrel solid tongue and groove flooring be installed floating over in-floor in. Pretty freaking cool to cover the living room warranted for any purpose than. House the entire time that we have spoken to two different installers… one wants to it... Vs. geowood whether or not our customers follow our installation guidelines accurately then! Work or is a more sustainable resource, since the eucalyptus is solid or the... Is actually easier, so it gets pretty dry in the WV mountains, elevation! Flooring from the beach fine, especially if they can do at point. Flooring nailer at your local home improvement content for the engineered t G. Refinished by sanding it down and then reapplying sealing coats on letting the over... Should we glue the bamboo be installed based on the floor added weight makes... It sounds like they did the overlap stair nosings impressed that this is a popular method East. Re open to geowood flooring as well as planks that float over a foam underlayment, with no attachment! House but it also depends on the floor suitable for kitchens considering the fact that in kitchens are more! In terms of hardness thoughts on if this material is priced at about the of. Amount of Cali do you have an ratio or percentage of boards is considered an extreme (...

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