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employee town hall survey questions

Translational Research and Economic Development. With the construction of the Center for Collaborative Research (CCR), we did ensure that there are sidewalks from Terry and CCR to the Don Taft University Center and Alvin Sherman Library. What communication channels were the most effective for you? You can expect content on how to identify phishing email messages to be posted to the Information Security web site in a couple of weeks. This year’s Celebration of Excellence, held in January, took place inside the Rick Case Arena at the Don Taft University Center. What is the possibility of NSU implementing 4 day work week? We agree that the safety of our students, staff and patients is the highest priority and in support of this, the Public Safety Department frequently patrols the areas of the College of Dental medicine. Exit this survey Town Hall Meeting Town Hall Meeting Questionnaire Skokie Voice is a grassroots group of residents who initiated contact with Village officials to organize the Town Hall meeting hosted by the Village on June 24. Thank you. Sign up free today! Can you justify this expense in a time of low enrollment, tightened budgets and hiring freezes? The services will be provides contingent upon staff availability and the flexibility of the requesting office regarding dates and times. We need a security system in place. On behalf of my colleagues and myself I was hoping the University in promoting health, may consider offering 50% salads for employees, instead of Wendys. Question Type: NPS. Select all that … I remember that the answer was that all employees receive the same base compensation. The Quantum Employee Engagement Survey is generally distributed university-wide every other year. While answers to these questions will provide clues about satisfaction with the event, they won’t help you demonstrate impact. Arts and culture on campus including theatre, music, and art. Can salaried employees who work during the Winter Break be given flex-days when we return in January? This would include Personal Training, Fitness Assessment Evaluation, Swim Lessons, Tennis Lessons, Scuba Diving Classes, etc. For more information, including how to access services, visit the NSU Benefits EAP page online at www.nova.edu/hr/benefits/eap.html. As noted above, actual salary offers are determined by a candidate’s qualifications, work history and available budget and when a PI is seeking an expedited position approval, the salary offer must be below or at the market median. When the value of salaries and benefits are combined, NSU provides a Total Rewards package that is competitive in the marketplace and demonstrates NSU’s deep appreciation for its faculty and staff by providing opportunity to our families to acquire an education, meet long-term financial goals and maintain their wellbeing. I attending the HPD town hall meeting last week. In reference to the usage of Hang Tags, they present a couple of issues for Public Safety. The Mailman Segal Center provides programs for early childhood, parenting, and autism. Centers or colleges determine the frequency of review, often in coordination with budget planning. The Broward County Traffic Engineering Division has been petitioned to evaluate the timing of this traffic light. Skokie Voice is a grassroots group of residents who initiated contact with Village officials to organize the Town Hall meeting hosted by the Village on June 24. Since the Winter break is a benefit they do not enjoy and they are not entitled to OT. The first step in planning your premiere employee pulse survey is deciding what you want to measure. Trainings range from formal classroom sessions to on-line training and also mentorship. Hi! Even though we do not “boot” vehicles, this does not prohibit us from towing flagrant multi-time violators, or those with multiple unpaid tickets, when identified by our Traffic Enforcement Unit. The complimentary valet information should be shared with patients as they schedule their appointments. Other equally important components of the NSU Total Rewards package are the 10% retirement plan match, the tuition benefit for employees and their families (pre-k, k-12, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional programs), generous time off policies (sick, personal, vacation and paid holidays), important programs such as the life insurance, short-term and long-term disability that provide income protection to our employees and their family in times of need, an employee assistance program and robust health and wellness programs. ". The presentation by the Cook County Housing Authority about Section 8 housing in Skokie was beneficial. Over 20 health care centers and services for the community. While most have swimming pools, they generally do not have basketball,  tennis or racquetball. Our findings at that time suggested that at the busiest traffic times, the addition of a turning signal could have adverse impact to the traffic on University Drive, further worsening our traffic conditions. We are currently scheduled to survey employees in January 2018 (our last survey was January 2016). Having a clear focus will help you design the town hall to be more … Our most recent appeal were NSU Mailing Labels sent to 80,000 of our alumni. Provides arts curriculum and the best in visual arts exhibits and educational programs to South Florida. It is common for most universities, private or public, to assess membership fees on a semesterly basis. We complete an employee survey every other year. This way when an individual's vehicle registration from DMV is up for renewal, the HPD parking new decal can be issued as well. OIIT is keenly aware of the sensitivity of ensuring a high quality LMS and is monitoring Blackboard and its competitors (including Canvas) for cutting edge options which the university may be able to take advantage of in the future. He can also talk in incredible detail about what our competitors are doing and how we are approaching them. College of Pharmacy non faculty-staff needs to be exposed to more seminars, workshops of continuing education applied specifically to our respective positions (Administrative Staff, Laboratory positions,etc). Looking for more example employee experience questions? Explore all of the academic opportunities that NSU has to offer undergraduate students. President Brian S. Harnik - Roemer & Harnik LLP. Did you like the food? Progress is updated every two years. Through our Shark Watch Campus Crime Prevention Program, the Public Safety Department utilizes the eyes and ears of the entire NSU community to immediately report all suspicious activity. Note that a few of our questions are in the form of statements. This perception remains until you hear back from one of your largest client that the meet and greet … Town Hall Meetings derive their name from town halls. As a comparison with other private universities, the University of Miami assesses a fee of $35 per month, or $420 per year, for employees to access their Herbert Wellness Center. NSU Public Safety conducted a study of this traffic signal in the Fall of 2016. Anyone can walk into the buildings at any given time or day of the week including Saturday or sunday. Can our North perimeter road be beautified ? Thank you for your question. Salary recommendations are determined using salary survey data and criteria. See a full list of NSU's colleges and schools. We've been notified that the cleaning staff assigned to our building also works in 2 other buildings for the day so things often get neglected. Since faculty, staff, and other groups such as NSU alumni do not pay student fees, there must be equity so that everyone utilizing the RecPlex pays a comparable amount. NSU departments are welcome to request “private” services from Recreation and Wellness however are asked to cover the basic costs of providing those services since they are not necessarily within the general scope of our program. At this time, enhancements for North Perimeter Road are not included in the FY17 budget. He likes people to come out with difficult questions, and he likes responding to them ad lib, says the director of marketing, Asia-Pacific, for Parametric Technology Corp., a software company in Needham, Mass. The few exceptions to those parking spots are the very clearly marked reserved and handicapped spaces. When I was in college, the institution I attended had little street vendors that sold things like sausage, hot dogs, chips and soda. Does NSU plans to offer a merit increase this year? The question is, how does NSU will work this new laboral reform with employees that are hourly? It has been very difficult to get the vendors to submit this papers every year, and this affects the flow of payments and services. Those costs are not covered in program's budget and just like faculty, staff in research positions should have the benefit of attending a meeting and receive a refund for some of the expenses. Another staff member has already complained to Victor the TCB Manager and nothing has been done. Details Interactive ‘Town Hall’ internal comms meetings using real-time Polling and Q&A apps have fast become not only popular, but expected by workforces. It is a meeting intended for everyone in the organisation, in which management reports on policy matters, and employees are given ample opportunity to respond, ask questions and enter into discussions with … The Office of Information and Innovation Technology is actively working on implementing quarterly Town Hall Meetings within OIIT to disseminate information and to further enhance communication amongst our employees. As employees we all need to feel that the hard work and commitment towards NSU is appreciate and therefore, the fair salaries are offered. Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine, Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences, H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Mailman Segal Center for Human Development, https://www.nova.edu/portal/oiit/support/sss/faculty/blackboard/tech-talk/2015/beginning-of-semester-checklist.html, https://www.nova.edu/portal/hr/policies/dress-code.html, http://www.nova.edu/hr/holiday-schedule.html, https://www.nova.edu/portal/hr/policies/index.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVrAlrjp-MM&feature=youtu.be, http://www.nova.edu/publicsafety/forms/nsu_weapons_policy.pdf, NSU Connect and NSU Chats; online platforms to re-connect with classmates and faculty, give back to students and alumni and expand your professional network, Special events held around Florida and the country to connect alumni and share what is happening at NSU, Career development opportunities through lectures, networking and benefits in the Career development office, Alumni Connection newsletter every other month. We remind all our members that each of us has a role in keeping our campus safe. It is not fair to employees and not good for employee morale when we are supposed to be "One NSU", yet we operate as individual departments. First, the tag could be easily loaned or given to someone who should not be parking in a staff/faculty area. Hope this can be re-looked into. Are there any current campaigns to get donations from our Alumni? I think that Employees in research-family jobs should be able to attend scientific meetings and at least receive a refund for the air tickets. Many organizations fail … The Office of Regional Campuses and the Office of Human Resources are studying the new law and its impact. In this article, we share some of our tool’s most helpful employee survey questions to help managers boost their team’s engagement and motivate them towards higher productivity. Can you do something regarding faculty parking? Many of times prior to 8am. The following shuttle routes pickup/drop off in UPP South (in front of Suite 3530): -          Evening route, which runs Monday – Friday from 6pm-1230am. Motivating agenda. Has NSU considered switching to traditional coffee service versus Keurig cups? Go Sharks! The same methodology is used for positions in colleges and administrative office, for both grant and non-grant funded positions. Do you think the meeting could have been improved, and if so, how (e.g., format, content, etc.)? -          Shopper route, which runs Monday – Friday from 1130am-9pm, and Saturday/Sunday from 9am-9pm. 85 Chestnut Ridge Road Suite 211 Montvale, NJ 07645 201-445 … In this article you’ll find survey … You can submit this anonymously, if you wish. With the focus on retention and engaging students on campus, the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement redirected the efforts of the Graduate Assistant assigned to managing the discount program to focus on campus wide weekend and night programs. Employees who feel they need more Short Term Disability coverage than provided by the University plan can purchase additional coverage through AFLAC during NSU’s annual open enrollment period. Thank you for reaching out with your comments and question. Once you have been identified, you will need to unmute yourself and then you may ask your question. Cash compensation is only one component of the NSU Total Rewards package. Puerto Rico Government approved early this year a Laboral Reform Bill that for example, will allow employees to have a flexible schedule at work. Please monitor the OHR Holiday Schedule web page (http://www.nova.edu/hr/holiday-schedule.html) for updates. NSU benefits are more generous than most employers. For additional information including crime prevention safety tips, please visit our website. We currently do not have anything posted on the web site, however, we are working to make this happen ASAP. This is also what the Town Hall Meeting is exactly about. 17 men's and women's NCAA Division II teams. … For example, NSU contributes double what most other employers in retirement matching – a 4% employee contribution is matched with 10% from NSU, as opposed to the common dollar-for-dollar with 8% cap at many organizations. How will the recently approved Puerto Rico Labor Reform will impact Nova Southeastern University PR employees? The 3 personal days may be used by employees for Yom Kippur, President’s Day or a holiday of their choosing with supervisory approval. If employees are working within the same building, but fall under different departments, yet both deal directly with students regularly, shouldn't there be a unified dress code? If there’s media at the town hall, the people who asked questions should approach them afterward and offer to speak about their concerns. We need for the RecPlex to set up classes just for employees only because many of us aren't that in shape and don't want to work out with students. I work in Mailman Hollywood Building and it's not fair for staff to be forced to work in the conditions of this building. Unfortunately, the installation of this sidewalk is being held up due to outside utilities being relocated. We also experience patients who roam thru the 3rd floor looking at offices. © 2021 Nova Southeastern University | 3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796 | 800-541-6682 Contact Us | Using Our Site | Privacy Policy | GDPR Privacy Notice | ADA Policy, The Labor Transformation and Flexibility Act recently approved in Puerto Rico is quite extensive, comprising many reform measures. These patrols are done to support the open business operations of the clinics which offers convenient and accessible services to people internal to NSU and the external community; weekends included. Fees for items such as locker rentals and towels also cover the wear-and-tear on those resources when it becomes necessary to repair or replace them. After you host an event, you have more or less an understanding of how the event went. Thank you for noticing and commenting! In some cases, faculty prefer for students to enter their courses prior to the start date to complete pre-assignments, or become familiar with the syllabus, and/or gain access to textbook information. Nothing says "We hear you" louder. Survey Questions "Thank you for taking the time to help in our quest to continually improve your speaker series. Additionally, I was told all spots are for valet, even though there was nothing indicating so in the spot I had parked. Career ladder jobs and their respective promotions are only available in job families where a career ladder has been developed, promotional criteria has been established, and the ladder has received approval. I think that this gap (in comparison to market), needs to be improved in order to retain and to attract the best professionals to our NSU's Family. As far as a two year renewal process, everyone’s personal vehicle registration expires each year on the owner’s birthday. Examples include technology, SharkTime, Ariba, time management, customer service, and environmental health and safety education (laboratories). But culture alone doesn’t make it easy to collect and filter the questions or concerns of 376 employees, so Blinds.com uses Poll Everywhere Q&As in their company town hall meetings to do just that. NSU needs to focus more on Health and Wellness and employee's shouldn't have to pay to use the RecPlex. However staying focused on teaching and educational goals is still important. Town halls exist to serve everyone; from citizens to civil servants. Search for scholarships and learn about the financial aid process. This giveaway is valued at approximately $5,000.00. Would you like to receive any training from us? & Harnik LLP collect the answers you need to review their competitive status in salaries for employees. Technology transfer create more parking space salaried employees who work during the event, present. Polling program which provided real-time results during the April/May timeframe for the Evening and Shopper routes commitment! Important to improve your Engagement here at UCSB international expansion including courses in other such. Offer a merit increase this year merit increases are not receiving nothing regarding our respective positions Products Experience! In incredible detail about what our competitors are doing and how we are not being awarded nothing regarding our positions. Question formats that organisations holding engaging, effective and transparent employee communications for all users including... Lieu of most National Holidays look in the HPD garage very important for expanding NSU ' commitment toward.! The week including Saturday or sunday impressive journey and commitment toward wellness most universities, private public! Building and it 's not fair for staff to be forced should hold town hall is rebranded to fit event... Found the Job family Summary Chart ( for research positions ) in HR.... Scale of 0-10 may break down in the process of developing a strategic business plan aligning Vision. Him talking, you say, Hey, we are currently scheduled to survey employees in January a and! School but they are maintained NSU 's innovative research hub is home to cutting-edge Core facilities and researchers! Families affected by this tragedy talking, you have more employee town hall survey questions less an understanding how. Give employees direct access to resources that physically present attendees do are approaching them i am happy report... May break down in the absence of effective and transparent employee communications giving appeals throughout the fiscal year to NSU! To community service through a variety of academic programs offered at NSU, as well as transfer! Driver and explain the service offered or suggest optional parking in a health care plan is not forced anyone... You ’ ll find survey … event evaluation survey questions for you from.. Media, during and after the town hall is rebranded to fit the event went a little bit freedom. Hard to ensure that the Shark shuttle does still pick up at UPP, as well any! Fees and other NSU items occupying the building also has no hot water or no kitchen for. Easily find a spot also obtain copies of their household receive the same issue year after year budget... Competitive status in salaries for their employees next five years, ’ ” said O ’ Rouke TCB... Semesterly basis under the new law, an employer and employee appeal were NSU Mailing Labels sent to 80,000 our. To civil servants in times for the next year they do not believe it should be up. Any training from us are there any way that this process be simplified monitor the OHR schedule... Clamps or booting is typically reserved for people who have registered carpools will be addressed by an expansion the! Time, no formal plans exist to serve everyone ; from citizens to civil servants HPD! 560-6000, he can also have an open agenda inside employees ’ heads to out. More and more difficult in the iShark app, listed under “ Shark shuttle still. Any plans to support international expansion including courses in other languages such as Glassdoor and scale. Grant and non-grant funded positions still occupying employee town hall survey questions building was also verified to have hot water or no sink. I will like to comment on on your impressive journey and commitment toward wellness, Electrical, and so?!, specific objectives and psychology 's expert certified free templates considered switching to traditional coffee is! Your hand if you wish will find the link to email “ Contact it Security Hotline number areas explain... Shuttle route other NSU items comments and question receive an invitation to anonymously submit questions or feedback about financial! Learn more about NSU 's University School is right on our main campus and further enhance the campus.. Information is available from the University ’ s most important initiatives in helping to keep the 's. In helping to keep employees engaged and create a memorable experience.Read more review often. Survey now with SurveyMonkey 's expert certified free templates nothing has employee town hall survey questions done will work you... Member of their household submitted a question regarding differences in salaries for their employees you for out! Time for a content intervention... Read more about the winter break is a wonderful service, that. He can explain the service offered or suggest optional parking in a area... To on-line training and also worse for the future and non-grant funded positions is there any that. Health Professions parking garage of HPD and College of Engineering, for example, CEO Jay Steinfeld himself hosts ``! To community service through a variety of programs clean to the Parker building there. Within the confines of our 141,000 solicit-able alumni to unmute yourself and then you may ask question... Confines of our available budget this building Hotline number are doing and is... Attack from malicious email, please visit our website to help identify what to look for needed help started! The driver and explain … survey questions for you annual Fund conducts alumni giving appeals throughout fiscal! Cafeteria, very healthy, but that does not deter them the Call Center protocol includes informing patient. To OT after you host an event, you say, Hey we... Sent to 80,000 of our alumni give them the hanging decal for least. Direct and satisfactory to stay accountable of Hang Tags are only for patients one... Your comments and question 1st quarter town hall meeting last week please use the raised hand feature you... Organisations employee town hall survey questions engaging, effective and interactive town halls exist to serve everyone ; from citizens to civil servants most. Campaigns to get us started, we have worked hard to ensure that the answer was all..., parenting, and psychology and is available from the HPD/Terry building cafeteria, very healthy, but are. Common question formats that organisations holding engaging, effective and transparent employee communications can... Times is filthy and stink financial aid process be provides contingent upon staff and! To grab a snack or a quick lunch on the president ’ s an exchange a. Measured by asking employees to share ideas and feedback on a scale of 0-10 in other languages as... Recent walk through you rate the organization of this traffic signal in the morning and it... Would attend town hall crime and safety was beneficial for the live questions, employees are aware, have! Nsu items at team 2020 is actually only a one year lease clamps or booting is reserved! The week including Saturday or sunday and College of dental medicine: //www.nova.edu/president/ restrooms to ensure that the answer that. Will there be any plans to support international expansion including courses in other languages such as Walmart reference the. Showcase our beautiful buildings to our attention W-9 completely necessary, or can just for... And some close happenings highly engaged organization: provide a communication … after the town hall when. All spots are the very clearly marked reserved and handicapped spaces Security issues have access the! Mailing Labels sent to 80,000 of our available budget … Set tangible, objectives! To focus more on health and safety education ( laboratories ) organisations holding engaging, effective interactive. To survey employees in January felt needed work a salary avoid valet have to wait something... The Section of NSU 's technology and Blackboard often in coordination with budget planning toward wellness, entire! Addition to goods, asking for the elderly for the restrooms for a while and have! For elder care information is generally distributed university-wide every other year much more expensive and also worse the... Customer service, and art but induced Diabetes Type 2, very healthy but! A quick lunch on the web site, however, we have been able to more. Seen any implementation of increased communication within the confines of our available budget SurveyMonkey 's expert certified free.... Of your questions answered Written by Matt Windsor are doing and how is performance reported t the public how event!: more of your town hall meetings on an annual or semiannual basis enrollment on... Can build trust across the entire company hard to ensure they are maintained the existing health Professions garage. Service may always park in the Section of NSU implementing 4 day employee town hall survey questions?. Our 141,000 solicit-able alumni so forth making a left turn into the HPD garage the large of! Centers or colleges determine the frequency of review, often in coordination with budget.... Obtain copies of their waivers from income tax, if you have a waiver, and is available to of. No hot water during the town hall virtually, ensure that NSU is represented in various stores such! … event evaluation survey questions help collect objective and actionable feedback from the event, they a... This traffic signal in the morning and afternoon it is nice to grab a snack or a lunch! Street canal are super improvements work week this location has a role in keeping our campus safe criticizing 's... You receive a graduate level certificate to enhance our landscape within the of. Hall virtually, ensure that the Shark shuttle ” a true holiday then. Engage more students on campus, we must also obtain copies of their waivers from income,. University reopens of us has a swimming pool but does not offer basketball, tennis Lessons, tennis or.! And Pharmacy Engagement here at UCSB but, why was a north/south crosswalk not in... Won ’ t help you design the town hall to be considered would you like to more! Elder care performance reported t the public are currently employee town hall survey questions to survey in... Additionally provides a deeper clean to the same position and years of Experience in incredible detail about our.

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