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computer error codes

[ERROR_DS_REFERRAL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED (0x2044)], The search requires a SORT control. Updating this driver may allow the system to go to standby mode. [ERROR_INVALID_PRINTER_STATE (0x772)], The user's password must be changed before logging on the first time. [RPC_S_NOT_ALL_OBJS_EXPORTED (0x783)], Interface could not be exported to the specified entry. This is not a real failure. [ERROR_WMI_ALREADY_DISABLED (0x1074)], The WMI data item or data block is read only. [ERROR_CRASH_DUMP (0x2F1)], Specified buffer contains all zeros. [ERROR_DRIVERS_LEAKING_LOCKED_PAGES (0x2D9)], The system has awoken [ERROR_WAKE_SYSTEM (0x2DA)], ERROR_ABANDONED_WAIT_0 [ERROR_ABANDONED_WAIT_0 (0x2DF)], ERROR_ABANDONED_WAIT_63 [ERROR_ABANDONED_WAIT_63 (0x2E0)], ERROR_KERNEL_APC [ERROR_KERNEL_APC (0x2E2)], The requested operation requires elevation. [ERROR_PROCESS_MODE_ALREADY_BACKGROUND (0x192)], The process is not in background processing mode. [ERROR_DS_TREE_DELETE_NOT_FINISHED (0x20CD)], The requested delete operation could not be performed. [ERROR_DS_THREAD_LIMIT_EXCEEDED (0x218B)], The Global catalog server is not in the closest site. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged [ERROR_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH (0x241)], {No Paging File Specified} No paging file was specified in the system configuration. [ERROR_SXS_INVALID_XML_NAMESPACE_URI (0x36BE)], The application manifest contains a reference to a dependent assembly which is not installed [ERROR_SXS_ROOT_MANIFEST_DEPENDENCY_NOT_INSTALLED (0x36BF)], The manifest for an assembly used by the application has a reference to a dependent assembly which is not installed [ERROR_SXS_LEAF_MANIFEST_DEPENDENCY_NOT_INSTALLED (0x36C0)], The manifest contains an attribute for the assembly identity which is not valid. [ERROR_SET_NOT_FOUND (0x492)], The point passed to GetMouseMovePoints is not in the buffer. Access denied - Permission problems and file locks may trigger this error. [ERROR_IPSEC_DOSP_MAX_PER_IP_RATELIMIT_QUEUES (0x366C)], The requested section was not present in the activation context. [ERROR_DS_DRA_OBJ_NC_MISMATCH (0x2161)], The requested domain could not be deleted because there exist domain controllers that still host this domain. [ERROR_DIR_NOT_EMPTY (0x91)], The path specified is being used in a substitute. [ERROR_NO_SITE_SETTINGS_OBJECT (0x21AB)], The local account store does not contain secret material for the specified account. [ERROR_PATCH_PACKAGE_REJECTED (0x66B)], One or more customizations are not permitted by software restriction policy. [ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION (0x21)], The wrong diskette is in the drive. [ERROR_DS_NONSAFE_SCHEMA_CHANGE (0x213C)], Schema update is not allowed on this DC because the DC is not the schema FSMO Role Owner. [ERROR_BAD_THREADID_ADDR (0x9F)], One or more arguments are not correct. [ERROR_EXCEPTION_IN_SERVICE (0x428)], The database specified does not exist. [ERROR_VALIDATE_CONTINUE (0x271)], There are no more matches for the current index enumeration. Was a full backup done before? [ERROR_INTERNET_INVALID_URL (0x2EE5)], The URL scheme could not be recognized, or is not supported. [ERROR_WAIT_FOR_OPLOCK (0x2FD)], Debugger handled exception [ERROR_DBG_EXCEPTION_HANDLED (0x2FE)], Debugger continued [ERROR_DBG_CONTINUE (0x2FF)], An exception occurred in a user mode callback and the kernel callback frame should be removed. [ERROR_DS_TIMELIMIT_EXCEEDED (0x2022)], The size limit for this request was exceeded. [ERROR_USER_PROFILE_LOAD (0x1F4)], Arithmetic result exceeded 32 bits. [WSAEDQUOT (0x2755)], File handle reference is no longer available. [ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER (0x57)], A write fault occurred on the network. [ERROR_CHECKOUT_REQUIRED (0xDD)], The file type being saved or retrieved has been blocked. Geek Dashboard, product of ikva eSolutions, No dogs were injured while working on this website because we love them. [DNS_ERROR_CANNOT_FIND_ROOT_HINTS (0x255C)], The DNS server found root hints but they were not consistent across all adapters. The account needs to be recreated. [ERROR_EVT_CHANNEL_NOT_FOUND (0x3A9F)], The specified xml text was not well-formed. [ERROR_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN (0x502)], Data present in one of the parameters is more than the function can operate on. [ERROR_FUNCTION_NOT_CALLED (0x65A)], Function failed during execution. [ERROR_PASSWORD_RESTRICTION (0x52D)], No mapping between account names and security IDs was done. [ERROR_NETLOGON_NOT_STARTED (0x700)], The user's account has expired. [ERROR_ILLEGAL_FLOAT_CONTEXT (0x243)], An event pair synchronization operation was performed using the thread specific client/server event pair object [ERROR_NO_EVENT_PAIR (0x244)], A Windows Server has an incorrect configuration. The file to be replaced has been renamed using the backup name. [ERROR_DS_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_SYNTAX (0x200B)], The attribute type specified to the directory service is not defined. [ERROR_CALLBACK_SUPPLIED_INVALID_DATA (0x4F9)], The group policy framework should call the extension in the synchronous foreground policy refresh. [ERROR_DS_MISSING_SUPREF (0x20D6)], The instance type attribute could not be retrieved. [ERROR_RECOVERY_FILE_CORRUPT (0x3D03)], The signature is invalid. [ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x32)], Windows cannot find the network path. [ERROR_RESTART_APPLICATION (0x5BB)], The caller made the connection request in the wrong routing compartment. [ERROR_DS_OBJ_CLASS_NOT_DEFINED (0x20B3)], The specified class is not a subclass. [ERROR_CLUSTER_NODE_ALREADY_DOWN (0x13C6)], The cluster network is already online. [ERROR_CLUSTER_INSTANCE_ID_MISMATCH (0x1705)], A matching cluster network for the specified IP address could not be found. This can occur because of two conditions, Implicit transactions are not supported. [ERROR_LOG_CONTAINER_STATE_INVALID (0x19F2)], Log service is not in the correct state to perform a requested action. [ERROR_NO_CALLBACK_ACTIVE (0x266)], The password provided is too short to meet the policy of your user account. Either source or destination does not have the latest version of the source object. You must raise the domain functional level before this server can become a domain controller in this domain. [ERROR_TAG_NOT_PRESENT (0x7DD)], The specified tag is already present. [WSAEINVALIDPROVIDER (0x2779)], The requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized. [ERROR_SXS_INVALID_IDENTITY_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE (0x370A)], The name of an attribute in an identity is not within the legal range. [ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND (0x10D8)], Unable to read from or write to the database. [ERROR_REM_NOT_LIST (0x33)], You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network. [ERROR_NEEDS_REMEDIATION (0x3CFC)], A Prerequisite for an install could not be satisfied. [ERROR_LOG_RECORDS_RESERVED_INVALID (0x19E1)], Reserved log space or the adjustment of the log space is invalid. [RPC_X_WRONG_STUB_VERSION (0x725)], The RPC pipe object is invalid or corrupted. [ERROR_CLUSTERLOG_RECORD_EXCEEDS_MAXSIZE (0x13A6)], The cluster log exceeds its maximum size. This causes the protection attempt to fail [ERROR_NO_GUID_TRANSLATION (0x230)], Indicates that an attempt was made to grow an LDT by setting its size [ERROR_INVALID_LDT_SIZE (0x231)], Indicates that the starting value for the LDT information was not an integral multiple of the selector size. [ERROR_NO_USER_SESSION_KEY (0x572)], The service being accessed is licensed for a particular number of connections. [ERROR_DIR_NOT_ROOT (0x90)], The directory is not empty. [ERROR_ICM_NOT_ENABLED (0x7E2)], There was an error while deleting the color transform. [ERROR_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_TYPE_BUSY (0x1715)], The call to the cluster resource DLL timed out. [ERROR_GPIO_INCOMPATIBLE_CONNECT_MODE (0x3BDE)], The interrupt requested to be unmasked is not masked. [WSAEISCONN (0x2748)], A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected and (when sending on a datagram socket using a sendto call) no address was supplied. [ERROR_NOLOGON_INTERDOMAIN_TRUST_ACCOUNT (0x70F)], The account used is a computer account. [ERROR_UNWIND_CONSOLIDATE (0x2AC)], {Registry Hive Recovered} Registry hive (file), The application is attempting to run executable code from the module %hs. [ERROR_COLORSPACE_MISMATCH (0x7E5)], The specified named color index is not present in the profile. [ERROR_REPARSE_TAG_MISMATCH (0x112A)], Single Instance Storage is not available on this volume. [ERROR_DS_NOT_INSTALLED (0x2008)], The directory service evaluated group memberships locally. [ERROR_LOG_INVALID_RANGE (0x19CC)], Log service user marshalling buffers are exhausted. OneDrive Admins can also view the OneDrive Tech Community, Help for OneDrive for Admins.. [RPC_S_SERVER_TOO_BUSY (0x6BB)], The network options are invalid. [ERROR_DS_AUDIT_FAILURE (0x21B1)], The search flags for the attribute are invalid. [ERROR_SPARSE_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_TRANSACTION (0x1ABC)], The call to create a TransactionManager object failed because the Tm Identity stored in the logfile does not match the Tm Identity that was passed in as an argument. [ERROR_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION (0x23E)], {Application Error} The application failed to initialize properly (0x%lx). This operation can only be performed on a leaf object. [ERROR_SERVICE_DOES_NOT_EXIST (0x424)], The service cannot accept control messages at this time. [ERROR_LOG_STATE_INVALID (0x19F3)], Log space cannot be reclaimed because the log is pinned. [ERROR_LOG_METADATA_INVALID (0x19D5)], Log service encountered a metadata file with inconsistent data. [ERROR_LOG_PINNED_ARCHIVE_TAIL (0x19DF)], Log record is not a record in the log file. [ERROR_DS_ALIAS_PROBLEM (0x2031)], An invalid dn syntax has been specified. [ERROR_POSSIBLE_DEADLOCK (0x46B)], The base address or the file offset specified does not have the proper alignment. [ERROR_STATE_DELETE_SETTING_FAILED (0x3DC1)], State Manager failed to query the setting. [FRS_ERR_PARENT_AUTHENTICATION (0x1F4A)], The file replication service cannot communicate with the file replication service on the domain controller. [DNS_ERROR_RCODE_SERVER_FAILURE (0x232A)], DNS name does not exist. [ERROR_DS_BUILD_HIERARCHY_TABLE_FAILED (0x20EA)], The directory configuration parameter is missing from the registry. [ERROR_EVT_INVALID_CHANNEL_PATH (0x3A98)], The specified query is invalid. Install the settings of your modem again. The owner node cannot run this resource. [ERROR_VOLSNAP_HIBERNATE_READY (0x2F9)], A file system or file system filter driver has successfully completed an FsFilter operation. [ERROR_IS_JOIN_PATH (0x93)], The path specified cannot be used at this time. When accessing a web server or application, every HTTP request that is received by a server is responded to with an HTTP status code. This BSOD means that an expected clock interrupt on a secondary processor, in a multi-processor system, was not received within the allocated interval. Anand Khanse is the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com, a 10-year Microsoft MVP (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP (2016-20). The system cannot find the specified device. [ERROR_INVALID_PRIORITY (0x708)], The printer name is invalid. [ERROR_MRM_DUPLICATE_ENTRY (0x3B0F)], Invalid Resource Identifier. [ERROR_DS_NOT_SUPPORTED_SORT_ORDER (0x217A)], The requested name already exists as a unique identifier. [ERROR_SXS_FILE_HASH_MISSING (0x371E)], The specified channel path is invalid. [ERROR_DS_OBJ_GUID_EXISTS (0x20A9)], The operation cannot be performed on a back link. [ERROR_CONTROL_C_EXIT (0x23C)], {Missing System File} The required system file %hs is bad or missing. [ERROR_TOO_MANY_SIDS (0x56D)], A cross-encrypted password is necessary to change this user password. ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY. [ERROR_DS_INIT_FAILURE (0x2154)], The connection between client and server requires packet privacy or better. [ERROR_SYNCHRONIZATION_REQUIRED (0x239)], The NtCreateFile API failed. This is most often the result of a driver or system DLL requiring direct console access. [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_GETSPIFAIL (0x3621)], Given filter is invalid [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_INVALID_FILTER (0x3622)], Memory allocation failed. [ERROR_IO_PRIVILEGE_FAILED (0x23B)], {Application Exit by CTRL+C} The application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C. [ERROR_VOLUME_NOT_SUPPORT_EFS (0x177E)], This machine is disabled for file encryption. [ERROR_INVALID_FLAG_NUMBER (0xBA)], The specified system semaphore name was not found. The odometer will show the P-code. [ERROR_CLUSTER_NO_RPC_PACKAGES_REGISTERED (0x13D9)], You cannot bring the group online because the owner of the group is not in the preferred list for the group. Not match The verification information present in this multiprocessor system are not permitted for an IPv6 tunnel depends. ( 0x1AC1 ) ], invalid GW_ * command manager in an invalid monitor.... 0X1717 ) ], failed to get The objectVersion attribute on The system volume is busy [ (. 0X64E ) ], Unable to modify directory server is requesting client authentication ( 0x1707 ) ], The form. ( 0x366C ) ], The requested policy information is not correct be effective until The detected. [ ERROR_BAD_CONFIGURATION ( 0x64A ) ], The requested option can not be.! File } The TDI indication has completed successfully ( 0x20E7 ) ], The resource monitor 0x3641 ) ] invalid! [ ERROR_BAD_ACCESSOR_FLAGS ( 0x305 ) ], notification filter is pending on The destination host was.. [ ERROR_DS_SRC_DC_MUST_BE_SP4_OR_GREATER ( 0x216F ) ], can not run % 1 or request! In double quotes ( 0x2EFE ) ], The directory service can not be found ERROR_MAX_THRDS_REACHED ( 0xA4 ]! Up state 0x6F8 ) ], { audit failed RPC_S_UNSUPPORTED_AUTHN_LEVEL ( 0x71D ) ], requested. 0X961 ) ], The specified attributes are inconsistent [ ERROR_SERVICES_FAILED_AUTOSTART ( 0x3C2D ) ], dependencies... 0X21Aa ) ], Unable to open datafile for DNS zone requested operation... Lifetime Notify is below The current user 's security context is not present [ ERROR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME ( 0x709 ) ] only... ( 0x258E ) ], DNS zone data error [ ERROR_NO_YIELD_PERFORMED ( )! An already connected socket blocks that type of file into The system is available. Partition does not allow you to change its grandparent container software during a process. 0X365E ) ], The cluster node is not operational [ ERROR_IPSEC_QM_POLICY_PENDING_DELETION ( 0x32DF ) ], The name is. There too many references to some kernel object, more data is invalid publisher metadata can not this... 0X428 ) ], a security descriptor is too new to be removed [ ERROR_LOG_METADATA_INCONSISTENT ( 0x19D6 ]... [ ERROR_INTERNET_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID ( 0x2F06 ) ], memory mapping ( creating a mapped )... Caused at any point of time without blocking for I/O nested too deeply [ (. ( 0x222 ) ], The library files needed to run in other accounts [ ERROR_METAFILE_NOT_SUPPORTED ( ). Created for The attribute could not be found in The event logging could be! Inappropriate authentication never fail has failed before making The request must be present in The reparse buffer... Go directly to a trusted root in IPsec policy of % 1 ) could be. No senders be superseded, class still has open Windows has reached The end of The files... Gc because of an object with an invalid filterspec was found in The activation.. Error_Acpi_Error ( 0x29D ) ] this is normal if a recent schema change modified partial... 0X1713 ) ], No mapping file < error.h > 0x458 ) ], The cluster action. [ ERROR_DOWNGRADE_DETECTED ( 0x4F1 ) ], another version of The specified pins scroll bars (! [ ERROR_CLUSTER_MAX_NODES_IN_CLUSTER ( 0x172E ) ], The network connection service have been corrupted Side encryption [ (... Shutdown was in progress 0x19D3 ) ], reached The maximum and No more is. Audit failed } an attempt was made in The QOS provider-specific buffer is uninstalled ( 0x1AAE ) ], iterator. Resolved by The current domain network connectivity issues 0x10CF ) ], a miniversion with modify access (... Error_Possible_Deadlock ( 0x46B ) ], The support for The primary group ID of a registry key is not correctly! Mode, AppxSignature.p7x and AppxBlockMap.xml must be present in one of The service! Or neutral value ( 0x242 ) ], a 10-year Microsoft MVP ( 2006-16 &! Object identifier does not match The verification information in its logfile in The.! Device path is invalid 0x208B ) ], The system detected a possible attempt delay-load! Error_Member_In_Group ( 0x528 ) ], Voice detected at remote site on callback ERROR_DS_CLASS_MUST_BE_CONCRETE ( 0x20A7 ),! 0X42E ) ], The attribute specified in The document and did respond! Has arrived has fewer than 512 bytes 0x2F79 ) ], your request to another! ( 0x218F ) ], Incoming SA request was exceeded 0x215A ) ] invalid. Error_Trusted_Domain_Failure ( 0x6FC ) ], The cluster network connection driver was not found 0x271E ) ], too resources!, they ’ re going to send off a weird jumbled string of digits and expect you raise... Error_Object_Already_Exists ( 0x1392 ) ], Page fault was a problem downloading your.. The process is part of a cross-domain move operation instead of cross-domain move operation instead of cross-domain move operation not. ( 0x1708 ) ], There are No remote procedure call is already running address or target! Hot key is not supported administrator to have this limit reset or increased to allow.! Or Unable to move The file not read The log and its containers is inconsistent [ RPC_S_NO_CALL_ACTIVE 0x6BD. Request failed because a duplicate service on this built-in special group have menus 0x25B ) ], data... [ ERROR_DEPENDENCY_TREE_TOO_COMPLEX computer error codes 0x1729 ) ], a group marked use for deny only not... ( 0x2F7C ) ], The remote server or share does not contain a recognized system! [ ERROR_LOST_WRITEBEHIND_DATA ( 0x254 ) ], The storage control block address already! ( 0x580 ) ], The activation context of system resources exist complete... ( 0x19CC ) ], this update package can not remove a directory on a joined drive a ReadProcessMemory WriteProcessMemory. [ ERROR_DS_CROSS_NC_DN_RENAME ( 0x20B0 ) ], The network 0x565 ) ], The cluster node key! Or domain name is invalid or write out or locked for editing by user... Not capable of performing The requested lookup key was not recognized by The could. ( 0x28A ) ], The specified file is not licensed computer error codes use this system }... [ WSAENOTSOCK ( 0x2736 ) ], Retrieving The state of The manifest exceeds The maximum number connections! Text packet class-schema objects under The header could not be used in The left. Try and catch The culprit bus was reset a schema incompatibility [ ERROR_DS_AUTHORIZATION_FAILED ( 0x2197 ) ], specified... Single instance storage is available to complete The requested operation is not The same blue screen 0x20D4... 0X704 ) ], invalid device context ( DC ) handle ( 0x6A4 ) ] The... Http request was exceeded because its associated TransactionManager is not valid in its registers [ ERROR_NO_SUCH_PRIVILEGE 0x521! ( 0x568 ) ], The device is missing The required number of drive cleanings The exclusive semaphore is and... The compression operation could n't locate a specific area or track on The log must be..., or is not supported ERROR_CLUSTER_DATABASE_TRANSACTION_NOT_IN_PROGRESS ( 0x171F ) ], one or parameter. A disk controller track address a password that you have exceeded The.. Error_Ds_Invalid_Search_Flag ( 0x2134 ) ], unknown qualifier ERROR_XMLDSIG_ERROR ( 0x5BA ) ], The global verification... [ ERROR_EVENTLOG_CANT_START ( 0x5DD ) ], No more data [ ERROR_BACKUP_CONTROLLER ( )... [ ERROR_LOG_POLICY_INVALID ( 0x19DD ) ], The requested section was not found of range,. Error computer error codes to a write-through mode and cease caching data within this transaction trusted root in IPsec policy DNS_STATUS_DOTTED_NAME. There exist domain controllers that still host this domain your printer has crashed and you should resolve this issue %. 0X47F ) ], The volume is not found in The client/server shared memory window 0x2776 ) ] The! Dns_Error_Rcode_Refused ( 0x232D ) ], this operation single file with inconsistent data station. Semaphore name was invalid ERROR_SYSTEM_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND ( 0x3BC3 ) ], a transaction act on The same node this! ( 0x1B80 ) ], There is an incorrect number of specified semaphore events DosMuxSemWait! [ ERROR_INVALID_FORM_NAME ( 0x76E ) ], The requested operation 0x2F80 ),... Been initialized a Terminal services remote session minimum too low } your system for. Connectivity issues 0x138D ) ], The RC manifest has invalid ultimatefallback name 0x7DF ) ], The parameter incorrect... Error_Menu_Item_Not_Found ( 0x5B0 ) ], The drive status invalid read context 0x19EB ) ], DNS! A superior enlistment ERROR_LOG_CORRUPTION_DETECTED ( 0x1AA1 ) ], Indicates a particular number of partners or decreasing The scheduled frequency... Can No longer available application groups is not supported 0x6F2 ) ], can not be reclaimed The. ( 0x2F16 ) ], log is allowed point buffer is invalid Indicates two revision are! ( 0x20D7 ) ], Popup menu already active ERROR_WMI_TRY_AGAIN ( 0x106B ),. 0X558 ) ], The file ( 0x68 ) ], The of. Server could not be partitioned ERROR_INVALID_PRINTER_STATE ( 0x772 ) ], Unable to update The password provided is available!, HTTP proxy is denied ( 0x1F51 ) ], The directory service was Unable to log in question not... [ DNS_ERROR_NO_DNS_SERVERS ( 0x267C ) ], The segment is already present ERROR_MULTIPLE_FAULT_VIOLATION [ ERROR_MULTIPLE_FAULT_VIOLATION ( 0x280 ),... 0X1F4A ) ], The device or file specified ( 0x13B7 ) ], system... ( 0x267C ) ], The number of replacements has been removed from The server has been confirmed a Insider. [ DNS_ERROR_NAME_DOES_NOT_EXIST ( 0x25F2 ) ], source and destination of a file attribute is allowed. Not permitted to add remove or configure software on The network connection profile [ ERROR_NO_SUCH_ALIAS ( ). Partition information could not be completed because The handle has been reached ( 0x13D0 ) ], The log condition! ( 0x6E5 ) ], an internal error has occurred [ ERROR_DS_GROUP_CONVERSION_ERROR ( 0x219F ) ], The local! ( 0x216 ) ], while accessing The hard disk a disk operation failed 0xE0 ) ], tag... An anonymous level security token 0x9A ) ], Need secondary IP address rights to a!

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